Simlog Announces World’s First Electric Rope Shovel Personal Simulator

January 26th, 2009
Electric Rope Shovel Personal Simulator

Newest PC-based simulation software from Simlog continues to forge an emerging standard for cost-effective operator training in the mining industry

Simlog Inc., the pioneer and leader in the development of Personal Simulators for cost-effective heavy equipment operator training, is proud to announce the availability of the world’s first PC-based Electric Rope Shovel Personal Simulator.

Developed in collaboration with leading OEMs and training professionals in the surface mining industry, Simlog’s new Electric Rope Shovel Personal Simulator puts trainees at the controls of an electric rope shovel, at work in a virtual mine, in interaction with a simulated mining truck. The simulation exercises emphasize best practices for skills assessment, skills development and refresher training for new and veteran operators alike.

Operator controls for the Electric Rope Shovel Personal Simulator feature Simlog’s Replica Controls, consisting of USB-ready industrial joysticks that provide portability and easy PC connectivity, along with tabletop Mounting Brackets, to create a simple “operator chair”. A special travel case is also provided.

In addition to the detailed simulation of a real electric rope shovel and mining truck, the realism of the training environment was achieved by modeling elements from an actual mine with large-scale digging and hauling operations. With data provided by ArcelorMittal Mines Canada for Mont Wright, Canada’s largest iron ore mine, the Electric Rope Shovel Personal Simulator combines a representative virtual mine with Simlog’s emerging standard in Instructional Design to create a tool suitable for training electric rope shovel operators worldwide.

“Simlog’s new Electric Rope Shovel Personal Simulator follows the recent release of our Mining Truck Personal Simulator to provide a complementary set of operator training tools that address the needs of surface mining operations all around the world”, says Paul Freedman, Simlog Founder and President. “Like all of our products, our new Electric Rope Shovel simulation software is based on Simlog’s proven Instructional Design that gives students self-paced training without the need for a trainer’s station.”

Simlog’s unique Instructional Design segments training into a series of Simulation Modules of increasing difficulty to train new operators in a step-by-step and carefully measured way. Training begins with Controls Familiarization to teach mastery of the operator controls, and ends with exercises for both cab-side and blind-side loading and dumping. Working in conjunction with the simulated mining truck, trainees also learn truck spotting skills that are vital to ensuring safe and productive shovel operation.

Another feature of the simulation software’s Instructional Design is automatic measurement of key performance indicators pertaining to the productivity and quality of the simulated work. This feature enables trainers to assess the operator potential of training candidates and the rate of skills development before new operators move on to train at the controls of real electric rope shovels.

Simlog’s new Electric Rope Shovel Personal Simulator is available now in English, French, and Spanish. Pricing information can be obtained from Simlog and from Simlog’s value-added resellers around the world.

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