Software Licensing

One time fee

At Simlog, software licensing means purchasing a software license, and that’s a one-time payment because there is no annual software licensing fee. In this way, you will be able to use your Personal Simulator, year after year, at no additional charge.

Software licensing is “per PC”

At Simlog, software licensing is “per PC”, so training two people at the same time means having two PCs and purchasing two software licenses to equip two simulator stations.

When first installed, Simlog software is in “Evaluation Mode” which offers limited functionality. Purchasing the software license means activating the “Commercial Mode” by sending Simlog a PC‑specific License Code (a series of numbers and letters) that will be used to generate a corresponding License Key (a longer series of numbers and letters) for that software installation.

(Other simulator companies rely on a small hardware device called “dongle” but if that becomes damaged or lost, you’ll need to purchase a replacement at a substantial percentage of the price of the software license itself. And while you wait for the new dongle to arrive, subject to the usual delays associated with transporting a physical object, there won’t be any simulator-based training.)

Software re-Licensing

Should you need to replace your original computer by a new one, or make a hardware or software change to your original computer, you will need to re-license your Simlog software because the PC‑specific License Code will now be different. Such software re-licensing may be subject to a Simlog technical support fee for the help that we’ll need to provide.

However, before you install the software version that you purchased, please contact Simlog because we might have a software upgrade available that provides extra operator training help, as described in the next section.

Software upgrades

Simlog is always working to develop new products and improve existing ones by creating software upgrades. This is our commitment to you: as PCs continue to offer more and more computing power, Simlog will continue to offer more and more training value, thanks to improved graphics, better simulation physics, support for new simulator controls, and enhanced Simulation Modules.

When Simlog releases a software upgrade, we stop selling and supporting the previous software version (standard practice in the software industry). Practically, this means that we stop updating the previous version to take into account changes in PC hardware, changes to Microsoft Windows, etc.

Therefore, if the software version that you purchased for your original PC is not working properly on your new (replacement) PC, you will need to use the software upgrade instead, and possibly pay an upgrade fee, as described in the next section.

Software upgrade fees

When Simlog releases a software upgrade and you purchased your software license in the preceding twelve months, there is no software upgrade fee.

But if your software license is “older” than that, the software upgrade can be purchased at half price, i.e. half the price of now purchasing a new software license.

This “half price” software upgrading only applies to “adjacent” software upgrades e.g. upgrading from Version 1 to Version 2, or from Version 2 to Version 3, but not from Version 1 to Version 3. (This is standard practice in the software industry.)