Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some answers to frequently asked questions.

When in doubt, please contact Simlog.

Can I use Simlog software “online” with just my Web browser?

No. Simlog products are “desktop” applications that must be installed on your PC and used with simulator controls that are connected to the same PC. Only in this way can our products deliver the real-time performance that’s required to simulate the behaviour of real heavy equipment for operator training.

Can I use the same software license with many PCs?

No. At Simlog, software licensing is “per PC” so for each PC, you will need a separate software license. For all other questions about software licensing, please refer to these details on our Web site.

Can two students train together using Simlog software, by connecting their two PCs?

No. When operating heavy equipment, most work is “self-contained”, i.e. the operator has little interaction with other equipment. However, when interaction is required, students learn that best by working with experienced operators, not other students. This is why many of our products feature a simulated expert at the controls of the other equipment (for example, a simulated mining truck built into the electric rope shovel simulation software). In this way, each student learns to do things properly, right from the start, and does not need to depend upon the availability of another student (at the controls of another simulator).

I want to become an operator. Is there special pricing for “home study”?

No. Simlog does not offer “home study” versions of our professional training simulation software, so we have no special pricing for “home study”. The fact is, after simulator-based training help, you need to “graduate” to the controls of real heavy equipment. So if you are serious about becoming a heavy equipment operator, you will need to look for an operator training program.

I’m not interested in operator training. Do you have something “just for fun”?

No. As mentioned already, Simlog has only one kind of product and only one kind of pricing. But if you would just like to learn about earth-moving equipment, then you might want to visit the How Stuff Works Web site.