Simlog’s Virtual Visit

After reviewing the text, photos, and video on our Web site, product demonstrations are typically the next step.

Now we can do that whenever you’re ready, thanks to our video-conferencing Virtual Visit!

At our end, we’ll have ready a series of high definition Webcams to present the following four views of what’s going on:

  • Your host
  • The main user interface of the Simlog software
  • The simulator controls
  • The Personal Simulator multi-display setup

At your end, you’ll need a PC equipped with a Webcam, and an Internet connection.

Then to get started, you’ll need to download and install a small program to enable a private Internet service. (By way of comparison, “Skype” and “FaceTime” rely on public Internet services that don’t provide the necessary transmission quality for our Virtual Visit.)

During the Virtual Visit, we will broadcast different combinations of the four Simlog views as a single “stream” that will appear on the desktop of your PC in a single “window”. In this way, you will be able to see and hear everything and ask questions, all without leaving your own offices.

To schedule your Virtual Visit, please contact Simlog.