Simlog’s Virtual Visit

After reviewing the text, photos, and video on our Web site, product demonstrations are typically the next step.

Now we can do that whenever you’re ready, thanks to a special kind of interactive video-conferencing we call “Virtual Visit“.

At our end, we have four high definition Webcams and multiple screen capture windows, to present the Personal Simulator setup with front and rear displays, the simulator controls, and the simulation software details.

At your end, you’ll need a PC equipped with a Webcam or microphone,  speakers, and an Internet connection. (You can also use the telephone, if you have no microphone.)

Then to get started, you’ll need to download and install a small program to use a video-conferencing service. Simlog prefers Zoom (we pay for the “enterprise” version that provides enhanced encryption) but where that’s not possible, we can also use Cisco Webex, Microsoft Teams, or LogMeIn GoToMeeting.

During the Virtual Visit, we will broadcast different combinations of the four Simlog views as a single “stream” that will appear on the desktop of your PC in a single “window”. In this way, you will be able to see and hear everything and ask questions, all without leaving your own offices.

To schedule your Virtual Visit, please contact Simlog.