About Us

The “Personal Simulator” pioneer

Simlog was founded in 1999 to commercialize training simulation technology developed at CRIM, one of Canada’s leading research institutes in information technologies. (The company name is a contraction of “SIMulation” and “LOGiciel”, the French word for software.) Since then, we’ve been pioneering a new kind of simulator product we call Personal Simulator that leverages the power of off-the-shelf (Windows) PCs.

The world-wide standard in cost-effective simulation

Today, Simlog is the standard in cost-effective simulation and a global supplier, with customers and Value Added Resellers in 68 countries around the world having trained half a million people.

Six innovation awards

These six innovation awards are further evidence of our product excellence:

  • CSTD “Gold Award for Training Excellence” in 2013 (as part of TruckLogic), for our Mining Truck Personal Simulator
  • Equipment Today Contractors “Top 50” in 2012, for Hydraulic Excavator Personal Simulator (Version 2)
  • Aggregates Manager “Top 25” in 2009, for our Wheel Loader Personal Simulator
  • Aggregates Manager “Top 25” in 2007, for our Off-Highway Truck Personal Simulator
  • CCA “Hugh Montgomery Memorial Trophy” in 2006, for our Hydraulic Excavator Personal Simulator (Version 1)
  • Construction Innovation Forum “Nova Award” in 2004, for our Mobile Crane Personal Simulator

Uniquely qualified staff

Unlike the employees at companies developing video games or interactive multimedia, Simlog’s simulator specialists are all university graduates in engineering, physics, or computer science; many also have advanced degrees. For this reason, we understand how real heavy equipment operates and that helps us build better simulated ones.