Why Choose Simlog

At Simlog, each Personal Simulator is carefully developed in collaboration with training professionals, leading OEMs, their dealers, and owner/operators to ensure that the right tasks are simulated and that for each one, the simulated work is measured in the right way. Here we list just some of the reasons for choosing Simlog.

First, as a company, we value transparency, and that’s why we present so much information on our Web site. (In fact, you’ll find an answer to most every question, except about pricing.)

Second, we offer setup options for every budget, depending upon your choice of simulator controls, the number and size of displays (1 to 4), the type of speakers, whether you want to purchase your own computer or have Simlog do that for you. Note too that the purchase of a Simlog software license is a one time payment not subject to any kind of annual “subscription” fee.

Third, we’ve developed an extensive reselling network with business partners all around the world to provide best-in-class support for our Simlog products.

Regarding our simulation software programs:

  • They feature world-class graphics and physics, to maximize training transfer to the real world.
  • Our Instructional designs take into account the operator training standards defined by many of the world’s major certification organizations, with Simulation Modules that develop key component skills one at a time in a flexible framework. And our comprehensive Performance Indicators measure the quality and productivity of the work performed, with automatic performance tracking that allows trainees to work at their own pace without the need for instructor supervision.
  • We have a proven track record of regular software upgrades and new product introductions.

Regarding our simulator controls:

  • We offer the widest variety, ranging from simple tabletop Replica Controls to Operator Chairs.
  • They are multi-purpose, to be shared by different simulation software programs for even more cost-effectiveness.
  • They are USB-ready, making maintenance easy because you can individually trouble-shoot and replace each lever, joystick, steering wheel, pedal unit, etc. (without any proprietary interface electronics to worry about).

Questions? Just Contact Simlog to learn more.