Managing Simulation Results

Alone, Simlog’s Personal Simulators save simulation results as files on your PC, with filenames that incorporate the date and time. But adding Simulation Manager will let you save all simulation results in a Simlog database, provide security, and simplify keeping track of who’s done what. Just one software license is needed, since the same Simulation Manager can be used with all of our Personal Simulators.


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Using the Simulation Manager, you can:

  • Create a unique “account” for each simulator user, with a unique login name and password
  • Restrict access to simulation results by assigning users to different categories (Students, Instructors, Administrators)
  • Group users into “classes”. In this way, if you are using the same PC to host several Simulators, you can authorize different classes to use different Simulators
  • Work with multiple databases at the same time
  • Save all simulation results in the Simlog database, indexed by user.

Note that the database is archived locally (remember that with Simlog, there is no Internet connection). In particular, nothing is stored “in the cloud” where your data could be subject to cyber-theft or tampering. In this way, everything stays private and confidential, at your premises.

Simlog also offers a free Viewer so that people off-site can also review the same simulation results, using a local copy of the Simlog database.

Why Simulation Manager

The following table summarizes the advantages of using Simulation Manager.

With Simulation Manager,
Personal Simulators in Multi-User Mode
No Simulation Manager,
Personal Simulators in Single-User Mode
The Personal Simulator “knows” who you are, thanks to your user account login name and password. The Personal Simulator does not know who you are.
Results for each simulation “session” are saved as entries in the same Simlog database, indexed by user (login name). Results for each simulation “session” are saved in the form of individual files identified by the date and time.
Reporting includes total training time and total number of trials (exercises) for each simulation module (all simulation sessions), and total training time and total number of trials for each Personal Simulator (all simulation modules). There is no such reporting.
Off-site monitoring of simulation results is easy: have someone onsite pass along the database file, and then have people off-site use Simlog’s free Viewer to browse that database. Off-site monitoring of simulation results is difficult. The onsite people must pass along all the results files, and each one must be viewed individually using a Web browser.
Simulation results are confidential. For example, a Student user can only review his/her simulation results, but an Instructor can review the simulation results of all the Students. Anyone can review anyone’s simulation results by browsing the Results files.
Simulator use is secure. Only people with valid login names and passwords can use the simulator. Anyone can use the simulator.

Finaly, note that in the case of a simulator lab, the simulation results at each station will be saved in the same database (so long as all of the simulator PCs are all networked together), as shown here for the example of five simulator “stations” (for five people training at the same time).