Use your PC

Simlog posts right on our Web site PC Requirements to help you choose a suitable PC.

PC bundle

Simlog’s Personal Simulators are recognized all around the world for quick and easy setup.

But to make things even faster and easier, we can provide a suitable off-the-shelf desktop or laptop PC (with extended warranty), with your Simlog software already installed, licensed, and tested.

Display recommendations for Personal Simulators

After you have selected a suitable PC to use with your Personal Simulator, it is time to consider your display options.

Purchasing software licenses

At Simlog, software licensing is “per PC. And once you purchase the software license, Simlog will provide a PC-specific (and product-specific) License Key to “activate” your software’s Commercial Mode required for operator training.

Trouble-shooting installation problems

If you encounter installation problems with your Simlog software, please refer to these trouble-shooting notes for additional guidance.


Some answers to frequently asked questions.