PC Bundle

About Simlog PC Bundle

Simlog’s Personal Simulators are recognized all around the world for quick and easy setup.

But to make things even faster and easier, we can provide a suitable off-the-shelf desktop or laptop PC (with two years of extended warranty) with your Simlog software already installed, licensed, and tested. As a final step, we transfer ownership of the PC to you, so that you can obtain local technical support from the PC manufacturer, wherever you are (in your own time zone, and local language).

In this way, you will also eliminate the uncertainty about choosing the PC yourself, and about getting that PC ready for your Simlog software. Just add a suitable display and quality speakers, and you’ll be ready to go!

Simlog PC Bundle for Simulator Labs

When there are multiple simulator stations as part of a simulator lab, the various PCs must be networked to share Simlog’s Simulation Manager (installed on just one of those PCs). Once again, Simlog PC bundle makes this easy, because we’ll configure all of the simulator PCs for you to support such networking.

Onsite Help

In addition to providing a suitable PC (or several suitable PCs, in the case of a simulator lab), Simlog can also provide onsite help, once again to help you get going faster. Practically, we’ll help you set everything up, and then provide training about using your new Personal Simulators.

To Learn More

To learn more about our PC Bundle for Personal Simulators and possible Onsite Help, including availability from us or one of our many Value-Added Resellers around the world, please contact Simlog.