Simlog Announces New Pedal Controls for Hydraulic Excavator Personal Simulator!

September 16th, 2009
Replica Controls - 2 Pedals Unit

USB-ready Pedal Unit further extends cost-effectiveness for excavator operator training

Simlog Inc., the pioneer and leader in the development of Personal Simulators for cost-effective PC-based heavy equipment operator training, is pleased to announce the availability of a new USB-ready Replica Controls Pedal Unit for its Hydraulic Excavator Personal Simulator.

Developed in collaboration with a leading manufacturer of USB-ready controls, the Pedal Unit is specifically designed to complement all of Simlog’s Hydraulic Excavator Personal Simulator controls options: PC Controls, Replica Controls, and OEM Controls. The pedals feature toe-down and heel-down action to reproduce the feel and movement of real excavator pedals. The industrial strength Pedal Unit provides the convenience of plug-and-play PC connectivity in a compact footprint.

“Our new Pedal Unit was created in response to customer demand for an added level of realism with respect to real excavator operation,” says Paul Freedman, Simlog’s President. “Trainers who have pedals in their Hydraulic Excavator Personal Simulator setup are enabling students to develop even more core skills on the simulator, which means better prepared operators and lower training costs in the field.”

The Pedal Unit leverages the unique Instructional Design of Simlog’s Hydraulic Excavator simulation software which is composed of 12 Simulation Modules of increasing difficulty to train operators in a step-by-step and carefully measured manner. In key Simulation Modules such as “Carrier Positioning” and “Trench and Load”, the Pedal Unit helps students learn how to use their feet and hands at the same time, thereby enhancing the overall effectiveness of the entire simulator-based training experience.

Simlog’s new Replica Controls Pedal Unit is available now at just USD $960 per unit. Additional information can be obtained from Simlog and Simlog’s value-added resellers around the world.

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