Simulator Setups

Choose from a variety of configuration options and software modes to create the configuration that suits you.

Most Simlog customers are training many people at the same time and for that reason, they have deployed Simulator Labs with multiple simulator stations.

Simlog’s unmatched cost-effectiveness means that you can now afford multiple simulator stations, instead of just one high-priced turnkey system, to change training “dynamics” in two important ways.

  • You can have more people training at the same time.
  • Each person can now receive more simulator-based help in the same time amount of scheduled training time.

Simlog customers are creating their own Simlog simulator labs, with specialized software and simulator controls at each station, as shown in the following pictures.


Georgia Vocational Rehabilitation Center at Roosevelt Warm Springs

The simulator lab at Georgia Vocational Rehabilitation Center at Roosevelt Warm Springs consists of three simulation stations each equipped with Simlog’s operator chair, one for Forklift Personal Simulator, one for Hydraulic Excavator and one for Bulldozer Personal Simulator.


Deming High School

Here is an example with six stations at Deming High School in the United States. Each simulator station is dedicated to just one kind of Personal Simulator: Forklift, Mobile Crane, Hydraulic Excavator, Bulldozer, Wheel Loader, and Mining Truck.


Centre de formation professionnelle Mont-Laurier

This simulator lab with sixteen stations is located at the Centre de formation professionnelle Mont-Laurier in Canada. Each station is multi-purposed for 3 Personal Simulators, thanks to Simlog’s unique Replica Controls: Harvester, Forwarder, and Hydraulic Excavator. One of the stations has a video-projector, to make the trainer’s “teaching by showing” easy.


International Union of Operating Engineers, Local 3

This final simulator lab in California with six stations was developed by the Centre de formation professionnelle Mont-Laurier (just three are visible) for four Personal Simulators: Hydraulic Excavator, Mobile Crane, Tower Crane, and Wheel Loader.


Durham College

This simulator lab at Durham College in Canada consists of four stations, all equipped with Simlog’s Operator Chairs for Mobile Crane Personal Simulator training.