World’s 1st Training Simulator for Skid Steer Loader Operators Expands Simlog’s Lineup for Construction and Material Handling

May 19th, 2020

Montreal, May 19, 2020 – Simlog Inc., the pioneer and standard in affordable PC-based heavy equipment simulators for operator training in education and industry, is pleased to announce the availability of its newest product, the world’s first, for training Skid Steer Loader operators.

Skid Steer Loader Lift Truck Personal Simulator

The skid steer loader is a versatile, mobile machine most often equipped with a bucket or forks to perform a wide variety of jobsite tasks. Due to its small size and simple operator controls, the skid steer loader is considered entry level, and often the starting point for heavy equipment operator training.

Simlog’s new Skid Steer Loader Personal Simulator, the world’s first, was developed in collaboration with one of the world’s leading OEMs, along with key training professionals, and emphasizes best practices.

Skid Steer Loader is the 16th Personal Simulator in our company’s 21-year history,” says Paul Freedman, President and Founder. “This newest product expands our existing lineup of Personal Simulators for the construction and material handling industries, delivering unmatched simulation graphics and training value with a focus on what it takes to operate real skid steer loaders.

There are software configuration options for three joystick patterns, two colour combinations, two lift path types, and two buckets. Set up just one display where space is limited, or three displays placed to the left, in front, and to the right, to create a 180 degree “panoramic” view.

Strong Instructional Design with Precise Performance Management

Featuring a total of eight “Simulation Modules” of increasing difficulty, Simlog’s Skid Steer Loader Personal Simulator was designed to train entry-level operators on core skills and productive machine operation, while addressing the training needs of a variety of real-world operating environments.

The trainee is intelligently guided from learning the controls to driving at grade and then up/down slopes, working with both a bucket and forks attachments. Two different simulated trucks are featured, a typical dump truck for loading material with the bucket, and a typical flatbed truck for working with loads on pallets, using the forks.

As with all Simlog products, valuable feedback is provided at every step thanks to comprehensive Performance Indicators that measure training progress.

Tabletop Replica Controls and Cost-Effective Setup Options

Simulator controls consist of two multi-purpose Replica Controls Joysticks (also used with many other Personal Simulators) for either the “ISO” or “H-Pattern” joystick patterns used in today’s modern skid steer loaders. Simlog’s Replica Controls Pedal Unit can be added, featuring the very same toe-down/heel-down action of real skid steer loader pedals, for the joystick pattern “Standard Controls”. The same joysticks and pedals are suitable for both simulator setup options popularized by Simlog: Tabletop Mounting and Operator Chair with authentic operator seat.

Multi-Purposing Possibilities

Simlog’s products are recognized for offering the lowest cost per simulator station on the market, thanks to their unique multi-purposing possibilities. The same simulator controls, computer and displays can be used to train people to operate different kinds of heavy equipment using different Simlog simulation software programs. The new Skid Steer Loader Personal Simulator continues to leverage multi-purposing by expanding Simlog’s product lineup for construction and material handling equipment operator training.

Improve Training Safety and Reduce Training Costs

Using Simlog’s newest Personal Simulator as a “virtual” seat, trainees can first gain proficiency at the controls, and then move on to advanced tasks of increasing difficulty without the cost and danger of operating a real skid steer loader. This results in a significant cost reduction thanks to fewer mistakes in the field, less wear and tear on equipment, and the reduced risk of accidents, not to mention the absence of costs associated with replacing damaged loads.

Additional return on investment can be achieved by using the same simulator to pre-screen training candidates for operator aptitude when promoting from within, or for pre-employment skills assessment in the recruiting process,” says Mike Keffer, Simlog’s Director of Sales and Marketing. “Many of our customers are also using their Personal Simulators for cross-training operators, and for helping experienced operators refresh and upgrade their skills.


Simlog’s new Skid Steer Loader Personal Simulator is available now for purchasing, with setup options to accommodate a wide range of budgets. Contact Simlog or a local authorized Reseller for complete pricing details.

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Simlog is the world leader in providing affordable and effective PC-based simulation for training heavy equipment operators in forestry, mining, construction, and material handling. Called “Personal Simulators”, only Simlog products leverage the power of today’s off-the-shelf PCs with a variety of USB-ready simulator controls and multi-display setup options to suit a range of training budgets.

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