Simlog Announces New Operator Chair with Industrial Controls for PC-Based Personal Simulators

March 19th, 2012

Multiple modular options extend the company’s leadership in affordable simulation for heavy equipment operator training

Simlog Inc., the pioneer and standard in cost-effective PC-based heavy equipment simulators operator training, is pleased to announce the availability of a Simlog branded Operator Chair.

Simlog’s Operator Chair was developed in response to demand from customers for a chair-based simulation experience that leverages the versatility of Simlog’s Multi-Purpose Replica Controls – widely used with Simlog’s unique tabletop mounting option.

The new Operator Chair is a cost-effective way to train heavy equipment operators in a safe and realistic environment. Key features include the following.

Authentic Industrial Operator Seat

Simlog’s Operator Chair features an authentic, industrial operator seat with air suspension and moveable headrest. It is fully adjustable in positioning (forwards/backwards, up/down) and the armrests can be configured to various heights and angles.

USB-ready Industrial Controls

The Operator Chair is configured with consoles for the left and right hands which house USB-ready Replica levers and joysticks that can be used with many Simlog Simulators and fully support the equipment functionality of the respective simulation software. An industrial steering wheel, pedals, etc. are also available, depending upon the Personal Simulator.

Multiple Modular Platforms

The Operator Chair is available in two primary platforms. Each platform offers a variety of possible configurations with joysticks, levers, and pedals.

A Dual Console Platform consisting of multi-purpose replica joysticks can be used for Simlog’s Hydraulic Excavator, Wheel Loader, Mobile Crane, Tower Crane, Harvester, and Forwarder Personal Simulators.

A Steering Wheel Platform with full steering column can be used for Simlog’s Mining Truck, Off-Highway Truck, and Wheel Loader Personal Simulators.

Multi-Purpose and Dedicated Configurations

Simlog’s Operator Chair is designed to facilitate multi-purpose use whereby a single Operator Chair can be used for multiple Personal Simulators. This feature, unique to Simlog, offers a cost-efficient alternative to multiple dedicated sets of simulator controls.

Pricing & Availability

Simlog Operator Chairs are now available for ordering. They will arrive fully assembled, and USB-ready to connect to your PC and display device.

Please contact Simlog or your local reseller for Operator Chair pricing.

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