Simlog Announces New Forklift Personal Simulator

September 9th, 2013
Forklift Personal Simulator

First PC-based simulator for material handling equipment, provides cost-effective operator training

Simlog Inc., the pioneer and standard in affordable PC-based heavy equipment simulators for operator training in education and industry, is pleased to announce the availability of its Forklift Personal Simulator.

The Forklift Personal Simulator

Developed in collaboration with professionals in the logistics and material handling industries, Simlog’s new Forklift Personal Simulator puts trainees behind the controls of a factory forklift with rear-wheel steering. The training scenarios are typical of factory, warehouse and distribution center environments, featuring a variety of loads and shelving arrangements, along with truck bays. The simulator maximizes operational realism while emphasizing best practices to give instructors a valuable tool for skills assessment, skills development and refresher training.

“The statistics are clear, 90% of all forklifts are expected to be involved in an accident at some time during their useful life, and operator inexperience is a major contributing factor” says Paul Freedman, President and Founder of Simlog. “Our new Forklift Personal Simulator, can prepare operators with proper habits before training in the real thing, making them more productive and safe even in the most complex logistics environments.”

Strong Instructional Design with Precise Performance Measurement

With seven challenging “Simulation Modules” of increasing difficulty, the simulator is designed to train entry-level operators on core skills and productive machine operation, while addressing the training needs of a variety of real-world operating environments.

The seven “Simulation Modules” are Controls Familiarization, Slalom, Ramp Driving, Selective Pallet Racks, Drive In/Drive-Through Racks, Cantilever Racks and Flatbed Truck, and Loading Docks.

The trainee is intelligently guided from Controls Familiarization all the way to Loading/Unloading a Box Truck and Tractor-Trailer at the Loading Docks, while receiving valuable feedback from 63 key “Performance Indicators” that not only help track their training progress but are diagnostic as well.

Train for Different Makes and Models of Real Forklifts

The simulation software can be easily configured to simulate the controls, driving behaviour, and sounds of three different forklift power systems:

  • Internal combustion, gas or propane: Using three pedals (accelerator, brake, inching) and a Forward/Neutral/Reverse transmission (F/N/R) lever
  • Electric #1: Using two pedals (accelerator, brake) and a F/N/R lever
  • Electric #2: Using three pedals (accelerator for driving forwards, accelerator for driving in reverse, brake)

Controls Options for Tabletop and Operator Chair

Replica simulator controls for Forklift Personal Simulator consist of a lever-based option and a joystick-based option. The lever-based option consists of the Logitech G27 “Racing Wheel” and three or four Single-Axis Levers. The joystick-based option consists of the Logitech G27 “Racing Wheel” and two Multi-Purpose Joysticks. Additionally either setup may use two or three pedals, and an optional Transmission Lever Unit. PC Controls are also available as a low cost alternative without the realism and industrial quality of Replica Controls.

Simlog’s Operator Chair offers a superior simulation experience, including an authentic adjustable operator seat with consoles for the left and right hands, an industrial steering wheel and adjustable steering column, and the industrial pedals installed into the base. All are mounted on an industrial platform with casters for easy mobility. The Forklift Operator Chair has 6 available configurations to accommodate the most common forklift types. All of Simlog’s Operator Chairs are modular, allowing the user to quickly switch controls to use the same station with other Simlog’s Personal Simulators.

Reduce Training Costs and Increase Operator Productivity

Training with Simlog’s Forklift Personal Simulator provides hands-on learning in a safe and economical way to enhance conventional operator training programs.

Inexperience is the leading cause of accidents involving new operators, resulting in increased equipment repair costs and down-time. The productivity building outcomes of the software’s seven Simulation Modules are intelligently designed to allow trainees to first get proficient at the controls, and then move onto increasing efficiency at real-world tasks. This results in a more confident and safe operator that will be productive in the workplace from day one.

Pricing and Availability

The price of the commercial software license for Simlog’s Forklift Personal Simulator is just USD$5,000 per PC. The simulator controls (PC controls, Replica Controls and Operator Chair) are priced to accommodate a wide range of budgets. Current Simlog customers may be able to re-use their existing controls. The Forklift Personal Simulator is available now. Contact Simlog or your local Value-Added Reseller for complete pricing details.

About Simlog

Simlog is the world leader in providing affordable and effective PC-based simulation software for heavy equipment operator training in mining, construction, material handling and forestry. Called Personal Simulators, only Simlog’s products leverage the power of today’s PCs with the variety of USB-ready setup options needed to suit a range of training budgets. With hundreds of training service providers and equipment owner/operators around the world training thousands of people every year, Simlog products have been proven to reduce training costs, increase operator productivity, and help minimize the safety risks associated with operator inexperience. For additional information please visit

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