New Backhoe Loader Personal Simulator Expands Simlog’s Lineup for Construction Equipment Operator Training

June 5th, 2017

Montreal, June 5th, 2017 –Simlog Inc., the pioneer and global standard in affordable PC-based heavy equipment simulators for operator training in education and industry, is pleased to announce the availability of its newest product, the Backhoe Loader Personal Simulator.

The Backhoe Loader Personal Simulator

Developed in collaboration with training professionals and emphasizing best practices, Simlog’s new Backhoe Loader Personal Simulator puts trainees at the controls of a typical wheeled Backhoe Loader at work in a typical construction site.

Special configuration parameters allow instructors to modify the 3D modelling to select one of five possible color combinations, and set the number of lift arm cylinders to one or two. This flexibility makes the simulated Backhoe Loader look like the equipment sold by all the leading OEMs.

Other configuration parameters make it possible to set up just one display where space is limited, or three displays to create a much larger field of view. Also unique to Simlog, a rear display can be added to teach new operators to turn their heads when backing up.

 “Backhoe Loader is our 14th Personal Simulator to deliver unmatched simulation graphics and training value in the company’s eighteen year history,” says Paul Freedman, President and Founder of Simlog. “Joining Hydraulic Excavator, Bulldozer, Wheel Loader, and Off-Highway Truck, our newest product adds the most versatile kind of construction industry equipment, with an instructional design that recognizes the critical operator skills needed in public works, utilities and infrastructure work all around the world.”

Strong Instructional Design with Precise Performance Measurement

Featuring a total of nine “Simulation Modules” of increasing difficulty, Simlog’s newest Personal Simulator was designed to train entry-level operators on core skills and productive machine operation, while addressing the training needs of a variety of real-world operating environments.

The trainee is intelligently guided from learning the controls to driving forwards and backwards around obstacles. After that come modules for working with the loader bucket (stockpiling, truck loading) followed by modules for working with the backhoe bucket (trenching, truck loading). The final two Simulation Modules are for working with buried utilities, a very common Backhoe Loader application. As with all Simlog products, valuable feedback is provided at every step thanks to comprehensive “Performance Indicators” that measure training progress.

Reduce Training Costs and Improve Training Safety

Using Simlog’s Backhoe Loader Personal Simulator as a “virtual” seat, trainees can first get proficient at the controls, and then move on to advanced tasks of increasing difficulty without the cost and danger of operating a real Backhoe Loader. This results in a significant cost reduction thanks to fewer mistakes in the field, less wear and tear on equipment, and reduced risk of accidents.

Typical Heavy Equipment Operations (HEO) programs train people to operate many kinds of earth-moving equipment that often starts with Backhoe Loader, before moving on to larger, more costly, and more dangerous, machines such as Hydraulic Excavator and Bulldozer, as two examples.

“Of course, the same simulator can also be used to pre-screen training candidates for operator aptitude when promoting from within, or when your training program is over-subscribed”, says Mike Keffer, Director of Sales and Marketing at Simlog. “Some of our customers are also using their Simlog products for pre-employment skills assessment as part of their recruiting, for cross-training operators, and help experienced operators refresh their skills.”

Tabletop Replica Controls and Operator Chair

USB-ready Replica simulator controls for Backhoe Loader Personal Simulator consist of two multi-purpose joysticks along with an off-the-shelf steering wheel, shifter, and pedal unit, all designed for tabletop mounting, to reproduce the essentials of the operator controls in the cabin of real Backhoe loaders.

Alternatively, Simlog’s Operator Chair offers a superior simulation experience, including an authentic adjustable operator seat with consoles for the left and right hands, a steering column with pivot and telescope capabilities, an industrial steering wheel and pedals built into the base. All are mounted on a steel platform with casters for easy mobility.

New Multi-Purposing Possibilities

Simlog’s Personal Simulators are recognized for offering the lowest cost-per-station on the market. This is especially the case when customers take advantage of Simlog’s unique multi-purposing, where different Personal Simulators share the very same controls. In this way, the same computer, displays, joysticks, etc. can train people to operate Backhoe Loaders and Bulldozers by simply using two different simulation software programs.


Simlog’s new Backhoe Loader Personal Simulator is available now for purchasing. Simulator controls (Replica Controls and Operator Chair) are priced to accommodate a wide range of budgets. Contact Simlog or a local authorized Reseller for complete pricing details.

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