Simlog Privacy Policy

“Trust is the engine of all commerce.”

At Simlog, we believe that it’s important to keep private what is meant to be private. And that is why we describe here the information that we gather and how it is used.

Moreover, as a Canadian business operating in the Province of Quebec, we are obliged to respect the privacy guidelines of the Commission d’accès à l’information du Québec and the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada.

Our Software

When you install and use your Simlog software, no Internet connectivity is required. This means that there is no communication with Simlog to inform us about what you are doing. And our software licensing requires no Internet connectivity.

Simulation results are always archived locally. Nothing is ever stored “in the cloud”, where your data could be subject to cyber-theft or tampering. In this way, everything stays private and confidential, at your premises.

Our Web Site

When you visit our Web site, we neither request nor require personal information, and all documents are freely available for downloading (in PDF format) without any kind of Web site registration.

And Web site visiting makes no use of cookies, so you can even set your browser to block cookies.

As a result, we track only aggregated information such as domain name, country of origin, browser used, and pages visited.

For more information, please refer to our Web site terms and conditions.


We collect email addresses only from people who choose to send us email. We do our best to reply via email the same day, and may follow-up on the telephone (if you provide your telephone number) or by fax (if you provide your fax number).

Simlog News

We rely on opt-in (a checkbox) to make sure that when we send out email updates, news and promotions regarding Simlog’s products, we are writing to people who want us to write to them. You can “opt-out” at any time.


At Simlog, all contact information remains confidential and is only shared with our designated resellers. In addition, we take reasonable precautions to protect that information and ensure that it remains confidential. In particular, we store nothing “in the cloud” (where data can be subject to the risk of cyber-theft).

Questions? Contact Simlog.