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Welcome to Simlog’s new blog!

Simulation for training, as we know it today, began back in 1934 when Ed Link sold his “Pilot Maker” to the (USA) Army Air Corps to help train pilots to fly aircraft.  (That same year, the Army Air Corps lost 65 planes in crashes, killing 12 pilots.)

But simulation for training people to operate heavy equipment in forestry, construction, mining, and material handling, continues to be something “new”. And so this blog is meant to help you learn more, with no selling or promotion. (That’s what the product details on our Web site are for.)

As company co-founder and President, I’ll be posting new entries every month or so, about all kinds of topics related to training people to operate heavy equipment.

The fact is, after almost 20 years at Simlog, and 15 years of work in engineering and university research before that, I’ve developed what I like to think is a unique perspective on what’s really important (and what’s not), and so I hope that you’ll find these blog entries informative.

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Paul Freedman

May 17
The world is changing. Every day, you can see doughnut shops where there used to be farms. But why is this important for heavy equipment operator training?
Apr 20
It’s a true scientific breakthrough, based on research jointly conducted in Canada and Germany [Herholz et al. 2016].
Mar 23
Not everyone is born with the “musical ear” that a professional musician needs to have. Indeed, we all know someone who can't sing well; poor souls, they can practice forever (perhaps in the shower) and never improve.
Feb 16
We now know that individual differences in performance largely reflect differences in the amount of time people have spent engaged in deliberate practice, i.e. activities specifically designed to improve performance.